"Tides No. 2"

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SOLD | 30"x40" | Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas | Sold Un-framed | Price on the website includes shipping. If you are local to Nashville, refer to the displayed price where it is being exhibited. | PLEASE NOTE: Photos will vary slightly on computer monitors. 


Tides: This abstract collection of paintings is a risk-taking, messy, process of allowing the elements to do whatever they want under careful, intuitive and somewhat meditative interaction. Water, pigment and gravity will have their way in the end, and each one is 100% different from another.

What I personally like about this piece:

This painting was a true lesson in how colors mix, combine and merge themselves into entirely new hues...I love the movement, and large chunks of paint in the top right corner. The piece overall feels like an ode to the ocean with its blue, turquoise, green and grey. This is also the finished product of the piece I was working on in my homepage video, titled "Tides No. 2 Process."