Hey, I'm Rachel.  Thanks for stopping by!  

In 2010 I started The Morsel Designs, in part to have a discussion about all things design.  The word "Morsel" became the coined word for any new find, quote, color, vignette, space, structure or story.  Today TMD represents my passion to create beauty in both interior design and abstract art.  My greatest joys are being on job-sites making design decisions with my clients, or being absolutely covered in paint…breaking down the barriers within through mark-making and color study. 

In addition to a hand-picked selection of abstract paintings and full-service Interior Design services in Nashville, I offer the following:

  •  E-design services for those on a budget or wanting a more pared down version of full-service design
  • Design Selection services for builders and contractors
  • Color Consultation, both local and remote

Take a look around, and check out my Instagram, or Twitter to say hello!  

Get in touch at contact@themorseldesigns.com for requests and inquiries.