One of the Best Things to Come From 2018

This portion of the "where I've been mini-series" needed its own brief journal post. As a designer and a business owner..and I mean...just a person, it is standard to present the best version of yourself possible, curated and edited. But what we relate to is real life. And real life is that the past year of moving and resettling was...full of hurdles and big, big feelings.  


One upside of moving back here to the land of creatives is that right along with the rest of the change, I came out of hiding as an artist- and embraced the risk of sharing my art with other humans. I have a always painted, but I've never shared it with people unless they saw one of my pieces hanging in my home, and even then- I downplayed it. I was reluctant to reveal that I really did in fact, need to express myself on paper or canvas- in sometimes wildly unpredictable movements.

abstract art

Last fall, I quietly started posting some of my processes and pieces over on a new IG handle- dipping my toe into the water- and it has been incredibly restorative. A returning to what something (or someone) always was. Encountering other people that were focusing in on that one thing- discovering the most incredible creators and makers, has given me so much courage. As unguarded as it feels, sharing there has given me a language that has been otherwise buried. 


Another upside here, is that putting such a personal part of my life on Instagram - my art practice, forced me past (some of) my fears of being real in that space. I'm learning that 9/10 times, people are supportive and very human. This is a process, and of course I haven't become someone else entirely...I'm still my enneagram-5-self, preferring to observe and interpret before jumping...but I feel like I've given myself permission to be more authentic (and I have at least a few people in my life that yell at me when I'm standing on the edge, refusing to jump! 😂) This has opened some of the most rewarding and incredible doors to community and opportunity. Saying "yes" has had a ripple effect and I'm all the way here for it. 

All pieces in my collections are available unless otherwise noted (and many more coming soon that haven't been processed/archived yet) go snoop around here and here and feel free to share! More to come on this, but I've also just learned that a very popular local haunt will be showing one of my collections this fall- and that's not surreal at all. 💥 

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